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Pipe Relining

CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) linings account for the vast majority of repairs to sewer systems, particularly in areas where it is essential to keep disruption to a minimum.  The practice of UV light cured CIPP lining has become an extremely popular repair method over recent years, becoming the preferred choice for sewer lining due to the environmental benefits offered by the technique.  The UV light curing process eliminates the styrene emissions found in conventional curing techniques.

The process can be utilised in any situation including domestic, commercial and industrial applications and can be used to repair any length of pipework.

Suitable applications for CIPP lining are:

  • Structural repairs to foul and storm drainage
  • Repair of stack pipes
  • Sealing of leaking joints
  • Prevention of root infestation
  • Capping off redundant connections
  • Prevention of chemical erosion to pipework

SP Holding are committed to using new technology wherever possible and are continually working on developments in lining techniques to enable us to provide our clients with the most suitable solutions for their needs.