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Tankers & Tanks

We have a modern fleet of rigid and articulated tankers available with various tank specifications.

Vac Tanks

Our vacuum tanks have capacities ranging from 1000 up to 6000 gallons and are available on the following chassis:

  • 4x2
  • 6x2
  • 6x4
  • 8x4

All of our artic tanks are hydraulic drive or engine drive with an airflow of 320cfm.

Potable Water Tanks

For movement of clean water, we have a variety of potable water tanks available.

  • 6x4 chassis, 3000 gallon capacity
  • 8x4 chassis, 3000 gallon demountable bodies (x2)
  • 6000 gallon artic tanks (x6)


ADR Tanks

We have one full ADR tank with a 6000 gallon capacity

Artic 'Super Vac'

We have one Artic 'Super Vac' which is a suction only tanker with the following specification:

  • 8000cfm
  • 8" pipe
  • 180 degree remote controlled boom
  • 14000kg debris capacity
  • Stainless tank


Artic 5000 gallon Tanker

We have one artic 5000 gallon tanker in our fleet with the following specification:

  • Engine drive
  • PR250
  • 1000cfm