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SP Holding Group has always developed a progressive approach to environmental issues.  At present the Company has in place procedures for certification to ISO 14001 as an environmental management standard, and a final external audit is programmed in the near future.  This standard will be externally audited, on a regular basis, to ensure the Company maintains its performance in relation to target setting and measurement of performance as regards environmental issues.

As a large fleet operator the Company is committed to reducing its emissions effect on the environment and to this end has a programme in place to eventually have all the fleet meeting Euro 5 emission standards.  Already the Company has modern tracking and fuel delivery systems that are used to ensure all vehicles are operating at optimum fuel efficiency levels and deployment of vehicles in emergency situations is the most effective in any situation.

One of the Company’s core operations is focused on environmental issues with regard to drainage work on behalf of clients to prevent possible pollutions and carrying out clean up operations after pollution incidents. All this work is carried out in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation to the highest standards. 

The Company has a full range of recycling facilities located throughout the business from paper and cardboard collection bins to heavy oils and battery recycling within the workshop complex.

To SP Holding's current Environmental Policy Statement, click here.